Personal Training


At RBFittraining we believe in quality training, designed for the individual. Everyone person is different and therefore every training session should be tailored to that individual person.

Personal Training with RBfittraining will start with an initial consultation and short workout session; this will generally last 1 hour 30 minutes. This initial consultation will include: 

  • Lifestyle questionnaire
  • Body Composition analysis (fat, muscle mass etc)
  • Postural & muscle imbalance analysis
  • Starting fitness level assessment
  • Short workout

At this point I can draw up a unique programme designed for you, focusing on the areas you want to target and the training time we can dedicate.  My plans include one-to-one sessions at my studio, individual sessions which you can do from your own home/gym and group classes/sessions if you wish. 

If you would like to do some training alongside a few friends for moral support, I offer 3-4 person group training. Group training is a great way to save money on the cost of training and train alongside someone with similar goals and fitness level to you. Having a gym buddy helps keep motivation and drive towards your goals.


Prices are competitive and I offer discounts on block-booked sessions. I also offer special prices for participants of my classes and for referrals/recommendations. For a price list and a chat with Ria, please fill in the quick form below. 

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Special offer for Mums

I'm currently offering special deals on personal training and classes for mums looking to get back in shape. I did it and so can you! 

Just fill in your details below and I'll contact you with more info.