BounceFIT @ Wave Leisure

BounceFIT at Sky High Trampoline Park

Price – £7.50 per session. Book online at

Who is Bounce FIT for? Do you have to have a certain level of fitness before you take part?

Bounce Fit is designed to be suitable for all fitness levels, there are options throughout the class depending whether you want a slightly easier option or a harder option.

What makes Bounce FIT different to a workout in the gym? 

It’s fun, sociable, & doesn’t require any equipment other than yourself, the trampoline & occasionally resistance bands.

What are the health benefits of exercising on trampolines? 

  • Lower impact cardio fitness, the trampoline can take up to 80% of the impact on the joints
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Improves balance
  • Helps build up the musculoskeletal system
  • Stronger heart & lungs
  • Strengthens & tones the whole body
  • Increases cardio fitness levels
  • Great for mental health as the exercise releases endorphins which make us happy, positive &  even more confident
  • Its great fun, gets you smiling, laughing & all while getting a sweat on ?

What would you say to anyone who would like to try Bounce FIT but is a bit nervous about it?

Once you take your first bounce on the trampoline you’ll forget where you are & what your doing & will spend the next 45mins having fun, smiling & getting an all over workout. The class is new so everyone that comes is brand new on their first session. You can’t do anything wrong or look silly as there are options for all exercises.

Can you take part in Bounce FIT if you have had children?! (lots of ladies are asking!)

Yes most definitely I have a little 1 myself & even I was worried when I first considered teaching this. The class has a mix of cardio work & toning exercises so we never bounce for the whole class. You choose how how high you bounce so just take it at your own pace & as your pelvic floor & stomach muscles get used to the jumping you’ll be able to push more & more. With every bounce you have to draw on your pelvic so it has no choice but to improve. We’ve not had any accidents yet & I’ve had a lot of mums come down ?

Tell us a bit about a typical class structure

The class is a mix of cardio (bouncing/rebounding) & toning/strength exercise. We work the whole body top to bottom. With all the bouncing the legs & core have no choice but to get a workout as well as the heart & lungs so we add in press ups, dips, planks, straight leg sit up etc to let you catch your breathe but also work the rest of the body.

Is Bounce FIT fun or do you make your bouncers work hard?!

Bounce Fit is definitely fun, you might not feel like your working hard but you do.  If you want to get yourself moving & just having fun then you chose the exercise option that allows you to do that & if you want to work hard you take the harder option & push it. No judgement is made. As long as you have a smile on your face that’s the main thing.

Finally, what’s the best bit about Bounce FIT, in your opinion?

Getting to jump on a trampoline for a whole 45minutes to great music where you don’t have to share with others or the kids.  How many exercise classes can you say you’ve laughed & smiled through the majority of the session?!

You can find out all about Bounce FIT here and join a class with me, Ria, on Mondays or Wednesdays.